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Necessary IT Enabled Services for Digital Meeting Solutions

Master Data Preparation and release necessary reports
  • Master File prepare as on Record Date
  • Prepare the list of Shareholder in website

The Features of Platform

Spiral World is committed to implementing an end-to-end web-enabled Virtual AGM Management Platform to simplify the entire AGM Process from pre-to-post meetings to facilitate shareholder participation and further necessary services. Virtual AGM is to ensure all shareholders have equal access to discuss and raise any concerns they may have. The following tasks will be incorporated from pre-to-post AGM Management.

HD Quality Video for Board Meeting

We used an in-built meeting solution for hosting the AGM Board Meeting in the virtual AGM platform to get HD quality video conferencing.

Board Meeting Image

Separate Login System

21 Separate Login System We prepared a separate login system for separate users who can join the AGM from any place. No one can join without BOID and Password

Board Meeting Image